Merrytek Intelligent sensor

Merrytek Intelligent Sensor

Merrytek Intelligent sensor offers a range of advanced features that elevate light control beyond the traditional. This includes smart occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting.

Designed to help reduce energy costs, these smart sensors control lighting systems based on real-time occupancy and ambient light levels. This helps to ensure a well-balanced workspace throughout the day.

Motion Detection Capabilities

Designed to be both sleek and unobtrusive, the sensor has a small footprint, making it easy to hide. It can be mounted in a standard 1/2″ knockout and is compatible with all 1-10V dimmable fixtures. The sensors are fully customizable with control options such as detection range, daylight threshold and dimming level.

The multifunctional sensor also has the capability of Daylight Harvesting, which adjusts lighting levels according to available daylight, providing a more balanced workspace throughout the day. It can also collect and use ambient temperature data to help save energy in occupied areas.

When paired with a smart light fixture equipped with the sensor, it can be activated by the corresponding app through a simple remote control. The mobile app can also connect to voice assistants and pair with other smart products. You can set a variety of scenarios that decide what should happen when the sensor detects motion.

Founded in 2011, Merrytek is a national specialized new “small giant” enterprise that researches, develops and produces microwave intelligent control products as its core business. Its intelligent & active sensor, integrated sensor LED driver and control system are used by professional lighting distributors, wholesalers, retrofit projects and other outdoor flood lights lighting industry players. The company aims to offer customers the most innovative and effective products in this field. Its patented technology allows it to make high-quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective products that are in line with international standards.

Wide Detection Range

Merrytek intelligent sensors offer wide detection range capabilities that provide a high degree of flexibility, versatility and energy efficiency. These devices incorporate advanced features that distinguish between human presence and other environmental changes, allowing for precise control and operation of lighting fixtures in various scenarios.

This includes the company’s line of microwave occupancy sensors that use interference patterns created by the reflection of electromagnetic waves to detect objects and motion. These sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications including parking garages, industrial warehouses and residential areas.

Other sensors feature the ability to read ambient light levels, determining how much artificial light is needed. These sensors can then send a demand signal to 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts to pump up brightness levels based on the available amount of natural sunlight.

Finally, there are also microwave sensor products with built-in daylight harvesting functions that can save energy by automatically turning off fluorescent lamps and LEDs based on the availability of natural sunlight. This type of capability helps reduce energy consumption and extends the life of these devices.

Intelligent Control Systems

Merrytek’s intelligent technology extends far beyond the mere detection of movement. By incorporating advanced control systems, these microwave sensors are highly adaptable to significant unanticipated Merrytek Intelligent sensor changes and provide precise data for a wide range of applications.

Microwave occupancy sensors are often used to regulate lighting systems based on real-time occupancy or daylight availability. They also prove useful for controlling HVAC systems, adjusting temperature or fan speed automatically according to occupancy information.

In addition to the ability to monitor ambient light levels, some Merrytek microwave sensors can be configured to provide additional power-saving functions, such as adjusting the brightness of luminaires in line with natural daylight conditions. This reduces energy consumption and prolongs the lifespan of the fixtures.

Some of Merrytek’s sensor-integrated LED drivers can be controlled via the MH10 smart controller, which offers a host of features such as programmable hold time, day light lux level, detection area and standby period. This allows you to fine-tune the settings of your sensor and control its functionality from a distance using your smartphone or tablet device.

Merrytek’s range of intelligent sensors includes a number of different models which can be purchased as a sensor/LED driver combination or independently. You can even add a smart home KNX controller like Thinka to your system, allowing you to use voice command to control your sensor remotely with your favourite AI assistant.

Wireless Communication Capabilities

Merrytek Intelligent sensor is based on the 2.4G ZigBee protocol and can communicate with variousTuya smart devices and controlled by Tuya App. It can accurately detect big motion, minor motion, breathing signals and illumination changes to interact with different lights, air conditioners, background music and other functions. It can also effectively resist 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless signal interference. Mounts to any 1-10V dimmable fixture in a 1/2″ knockout and can be controlled with a remote or paired with a MC054V microwave occupancy sensor for hands-free operation.

Reduce sensor network deployment time and costs while providing real-time, accurate data with a wireless solution.