One of the most important parts of a motorcycle, like any car, is the battery. The motorcycle battery (also called the starter battery) ensures that the motorcycle starts and is supplied with the necessary energy. Nowadays, such batteries also fulfill other tasks, such as supplying power to navigation systems, anti-theft devices, heating, or seats.

Every motorcycle owner has probably already noticed that after a certain time the battery no longer works properly and is exhausted.

The reasons for the rapid discharge of the starter battery can be manifold. The constant use of clocks, radio, and data storage can be held responsible for this. In order to ensure a long service life for your motorcycle battery, you must carry out regular battery maintenance. Exactly how you should maintain your motorcycle battery depends on the type of battery.

In the following article, we show what is important when it comes to battery maintenance and care for motorcycles and what you should pay particular attention to.

Two common battery types are common:

  1. Standard acid batteries
  2. Maintenance-free motorcycle batteries

The standard acid batteries are considered inexpensive and are usually installed in older motorcycle models. They are offered filled and partially loaded as well as empty. With the latter, you’ll need to get extra battery acid and top up the battery carefully. Please note that this acid is corrosive and take the necessary precautions (gloves, goggles, battery acid funnel, acid bottle, etc.) when filling. For safety reasons, the acid level must be checked regularly (about once a month).

In the maintenance-free batteries, the acid is filled into the battery in a bound form (eg as a gel). Since it hardly evaporates due to its durability, it is maintenance-free and must not be opened under any circumstances.