The complete setup of solar inverters, solar panels, and solar batteries is termed a solar energy system. The installation of a solar system is a great solution to tackle the problem of load shedding. A solar inverter plays an important role in the solar energy system. The inverter converts the current which is coming from solar panels into alternating current. The alternating current is then supplied to commercial and residential places in order to avoid the problem of load shedding. After the solar inverter, solar batteries come next. 

If you want to enjoy free electricity during the day and even at night, then you should install solar batteries along with a solar inverter. Solar batteries are able to store the electricity produced in excessive quantities. In this way, when there is no sunlight, you are able to consume stored energy via solar batteries. Different types of batteries are compatible with different inverters. If you need a solar battery, then you should choose a lithium-ion phosphate battery. 

Lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFePo4 batteries are far better than simple lithium batteries because LiFePo4 batteries have a long life span and are not affected by sulphation. They are easy to install and can easily connect to high-quality inverters. 

They have a built-in intelligent BMS technology to ensure the safety of the battery module and help the battery to work at its optimum. If you need any part of the solar system, you should contact LEMAX. Because LEMAX is a professional Energy Storage System Solution Provider