automotive lighting manufacturers

Automotive Lighting Manufacturers

The automotive lighting industry is growing due to strict regulations and the desire to improve driving conditions. Road accidents kill 1.3 million people each year, so improving visibility is crucial.

Several startups are working to innovate the way that vehicle lights are designed. They are creating flexible lighting panels to fit unconventional designs.


The name Philips is synonymous with innovation and the company’s long history has produced an impressive range of products. From household appliances to medical imaging equipment, and even light bulbs for cars, the company continues to produce innovative technology and develop new solutions to improve people’s lives. In the field of automotive lighting, Philips is one of the leaders in LED technology. They produce a range of high-quality replacement and upgrade light bulbs that are designed to improve driver visibility, improve the look of your vehicle, and enhance your safety.

The company’s research into solid-state lasers and microelectronics helped the firm regain market share lost to Japanese competitors. This research also resulted in innovations such as the LaserVision optical disc and optical telecommunication systems. It also expanded its product line to include portable defibrillation units, ultrasound systems, and computed tomography (CT) scanners.

In addition to focusing on the development of innovative premium lighting systems and electronics, Philips also strives to automotive lighting manufacturers reduce its environmental impact. The company has established a circular economy strategy that aims to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Its goals for 2025 include generating 25% of its revenue from sales of products that contribute to the circular economy. In addition, the company is promoting sustainable design by encouraging customers to rethink their consumption habits.


The company manufactures high-tech photonics components and is a world leader in the automotive lighting industry. It has a global presence with 35 production plants, and generated 6.6 billion euros in revenue last year. It also provides innovative products and services that improve quality of life. Its product portfolio includes LED car bulbs, which are designed to meet strict automotive standards.

The new intelligent LED technology makes it possible to create a wide variety of dynamic lighting effects in car interiors, such as light animation and color changing. This is made possible by a digital core that communicates with the LEDs using a standard serial bus interface. This reduces the number of wires needed and the complexity of the system. The OSIRE E3731i RGB LED also uses a novel Open System Protocol (OSP), which can be used by any microcontroller.

In order to stay competitive, the company is constantly working on new technologies and innovations. For example, it recently launched a new LED headlight with laser beam projection, and it is developing an OLED taillight for the BMW i8. The company is based in Germany and is a leading supplier of high-performance LED chips for the automotive industry.

In addition to its wide range of products and technologies, the HELLA Group offers a variety of support services to help wholesalers succeed in the auto lighting business. These services include marketing and training materials, technical support, and product demonstrations. The company is committed to innovation and invests more than 7% of its annual revenues in research and development.


The Valeo Visibility Systems Business Group, consisting of two product groups – Wiper Systems and Lighting Systems – designs innovative technologies to ensure the driver’s visibility is optimal day and night. This includes headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps, and mirrors. In addition, it offers a complete range of wiper systems and thermal management systems. The Company also manufactures components and integrated systems, and supplies original equipment spares to automakers and replacement parts for the independent aftermarket.

With over 113,600 employees across 29 countries, the Valeo group has a turnover of €17 billion and ranks among the top five automotive suppliers worldwide. Its products help reduce CO2 emissions and enhance vehicle performance. In its Visibility Systems business, the Company is the market leader in lighting and wiper systems, and a leading player in thermal systems and powertrain components.

As cars become increasingly automated, interior lighting is becoming an important component in the new communications between the car and its occupants. In particular, ambient lighting provides a unique opportunity to create differentiation by blending decorative elements with the vehicle’s Led Light Bar visual identity. In this way, it can reinforce the sense of home-like comfort in the vehicle cabin.

Draxlmaier Group

The Draxlmaier Group specializes in wiring systems, electrical and electronic components and interiors. Its customers include premium manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, and Porsche. It also provides battery systems and storage solutions for electromobility. In addition to the Group headquarters in Vilsbiburg, Draxlmaier has production sites around the world.

In the early 1990s, Draxlmaier began shifting from being a component supplier to becoming a systems provider for its major German clients. A key milestone was the construction of a high-rack warehouse in 1987, which enabled the company to manage its inventory and warehousing process more efficiently and cost-effectively. This became the basis for a just-in-time supply chain.

During the 1990s, Draxlmaier continued to expand and established its first production subsidiary in North America. It also opened a factory in China and established a technology center in Vilsbiburg. In 1995, the company introduced its FIS Touch system, which enables intuitive operation and allows for seamless communication between the driver and vehicle.

In 2006, Draxlmaier gained public attention when it closed its Boblingen plant in Germany and moved all its equipment to the Bruchsal facility without making any announcement. The company said the move was part of a strategy to realize cost savings in other countries. In 2007, the EBRD subscribed to a debut Schuldschein loan for Draxlmaier to support its expansion in Romania, Moldova, Serbia, and FYR Macedonia. The loan will allow the company to increase production capacity and strengthen vocational training.