Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Adding forklift lights helps to reduce incidents and accidents and enhance operational productivity. These optional safety lights project a bright spot of light 10 to 20 feet in front and/or behind the lift truck.

Blue pedestrian spotlights help to prevent forklift-pedestrian collisions in noisy environments and blind intersections. Strobe and tail/brake lights indicate that the forklift is in operation and serve as an approach or warning light.

Blue Spotlight

The blue spotlight feature of the Forklift Tricolor Rear Light is an excellent addition to any Toyota forklift. The spot shines a bright light on the ground to alert pedestrians of forklift activity in blind intersections or corners. This light is not a replacement for safe operating practices by forklift operators and pedestrians, but it can be a great way to supplement safety measures in specific job sites with unique risks.

40% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. This safety option helps prevent those types of incidents by displaying a red arch on the floor at the rear of the forklift to create a NO GO ZONE for Forklift Tricolor Rear Light pedestrians. This can be adjusted to the desired distance from the back of the vehicle.

Red Side Pedestrian Light

The Red Side Pedestrian Light feature of this tricolor light projects a bright red line spotlight onto the floor on either side of your forklift to help prevent accidents involving pedestrians. This LED warning light provides a visual indicator of the safe distance workers should keep between themselves and forklift traffic to avoid foot injuries and collisions from rear end swings. By keeping inside this safety perimeter, it’s possible to prevent incidents resulting in worker downtime and equipment damage.

This adjustable red line spotlight can be set to the desired distance you want to mark off as the safe zone between yourself and your forklift. Using shock-resistant IP68 LED lights and UV-resistant polycarbonate lenses, this safety light is designed to last with minimal maintenance. Easily mount it to your forklift with a tool free bracket and wire it directly into the vehicle’s power to turn on automatically when your forklift starts moving.

Strobe lights and blue pedestrian spotlights are common optional forklift accessories, but the right kind of additional lighting for your facility will vary based on the intended usage of each forklift. Before deciding which optional lights are best for your operation, it’s important to carefully test each light in a working environment to ensure that they’ll be effective at preventing accidents and improving workplace safety.

Strobe Light

There are a number of forklift safety lights available to help increase the visibility of the truck. Some of the most common include headlights and tail lights. Other types of optional forklift lights include strobe lights and blue pedestrian spotlights. While these are not required by OSHA for safe operating practices, they can enhance visibility in specific working environments.

Strobe lights are flashing warning signals that alert pedestrians and other forklift operators to the vehicle’s presence. These are often mounted near the headlights, on the overhead guard pillars or in the mast of a forklift. They come in various colors, including amber and red, and can be set to either continuous or intermittent flash patterns. Some have memory and can recall the last pattern used before turning off.

These safety lights are aimed at the ground and designed to warn other forklift operators and pedestrians to stay clear of the forklift’s path. They are most effective when the light stands out in the given environment.

These light projects two red lines tractor light manufacturers on each side of the forklift that indicate a pedestrian “No Go Zone.” They may reduce accidents resulting from rear end swing and foot injuries. They are usually key-activated or travel direction-activated and come in a variety of color combinations, including amber and red. They also feature a rugged, strong flange base and are compatible with all forklifts.

Tail/Brake Light

Typically mounted on the rear of the forklift, brake lights indicate that the lift truck is in operation and helps make the lift truck visible from behind. This option can be useful in operations with a lot of vehicle and pedestrian traffic to show others that the forklift is slowing down or stopping. This is not required by OSHA and may not be useful in all environments but it can help support good safety practices in certain applications.

While strobe lights, blue pedestrian spotlights, and red side pedestrian lights are not required by OSHA they can be useful to support safety in specific environments. The function of each light will vary depending on the forklift’s intended use and operating environment. It is important to thoroughly test your work environment and understand how different forklift lights communicate when lit before deciding which optional safety equipment is best for your operation.

Fully programmable and customizable, Grote’s latest directional warning light offers 18 field-selectable flash patterns and 2 timing phases for maximum visibility. It also has a built-in ambient light sensor for an automatic dim feature, and the S-Link system allows multiple units to be synchronized with each other and a variety of Grote products such as Beacons, Dash Lights, and Hideaways.