Automotive AGM Batteries

Optimum performance is one of the main benefits of an Automotive AGM Battery. However, before investing in an AGM battery, you should consult with a reliable technician. This will help you choose the most suitable product for your vehicle. If you have questions about AGM batteries, consult your trusted technician or the manufacturer.

AcDelco Gold Automotive AGM Battery

ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries are remarkably charge-receptive and offer high cycling capabilities, which is important for vehicle applications. They also feature a leak-proof Absorbed Glass Mat design that prevents the flow of Electrolyte in the cells. This reduces water loss and ensures maintenance-free performance.

While lead-acid batteries have been in use for decades, the needs of new vehicles have changed. With new technologies like direct injection and gear reduction starters, they require more reserve capacity when the engine is not running. ACDelco Gold Automotive AGM Batteries have incredible reserve capacity, as their full-frame calcium lead positive plates offer exemplary conductivity and durability.

An ACDelco battery’s warranty will list its performance in cold temperatures. The specifications can be found in the owner’s manual, or you can visit ACDelco to learn more. You must maintain the battery properly. The battery should be started every few days and idling for about five minutes to prevent parasitic drains.

ACDelco is an American company that makes batteries for a variety of applications. Its lineup includes standard automotive batteries, as well as RV and marine batteries. With high-quality performance and durability, ACDelco is one of the most trusted and popular automotive battery brands. Its headquarters are in Grand Blanc, Michigan, with branches in Canada, Australia, Japan, and China.

Exide Edge(tm)

Exide’s AGM automotive batteries are maintenance-free and safe to use, and the Surelife(TM) technology ensures optimal performance in all climates. The company’s AGM technology employs graphite to help recharge the battery more efficiently. The company also uses advanced lead-tin alloys and carbon additives in the active mass to provide consistent power and enhanced durability.

Exide produces automotive AGM batteries and related products for the Transportation and Industrial markets. These products are designed for original equipment manufacturers as well as aftermarket customers. Exide also produces energy storage solutions for the Telecommunications, Utility and Solar markets. In addition to automotive AGM batteries, Exide also produces lithium-ion batteries for motorbikes and golf carts.

Exide first developed a new battery technology in 2008, as emissions standards began to increase for passenger cars. By that time, the European Union had passed mandates for lower emissions in their vehicles. Meanwhile, the U.S. corporate average fuel economy has risen to 35.5 mpg. Stop/start systems, which can cut emissions and improve car performance, are just beginning to be adopted by car manufacturers. Experts predict that stop/start systems will be used in 50 percent of vehicles within the next five years. In fact, some experts believe that every car will implement stop/start systems within 10 years.


Automotive AGM Batteries from Exide are designed to provide consistent power and performance for vehicles. They are made from high-performance components, such as advanced lead-tin alloys and glass mat separators. These batteries are also designed with LifeGrid technology to maintain a high degree of reliability and power. They are especially suitable for vehicles with start-stop systems. The new generation of Exide AGM batteries also support intelligent fuel-saving features.

Exide car batteries are among the best options available on the market. They are durable and offer three to four years of dependable power. Another advantage of Exide car batteries is that they are made in the United States. Exide is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive batteries in the country. Their various manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced technologies.

The company is headquartered in Milton, Georgia and has active operations in more than 80 countries. Its European headquarters is in Gennevilliers, France. Its top manufacturing plants are located in the US, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. The company also has recycling facilities in Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Optimum performance

AGM batteries have a number of advantages over conventional batteries. These types of batteries have a lower specific energy and are less expensive to produce than gel type batteries. However, they have lower cycling capabilities and are not recommended for multiple-device usage. If you frequently replace your battery, you may not want to purchase an AGM battery.

To perform a maintenance procedure on your AGM battery, you must remove the battery from the car. It is best to place it on a level surface. Then, remove the electrolyte container from the plastic storage bag. Also, remove the strip of caps, which you will need later. The electrolyte container contains the proper amount of electrolyte for the proper performance and service life of your battery. It is not recommended that you separate the individual containers.

AGM stands for “Absorbent Glass Mat”. This material absorbs the battery’s electrolyte, which is different from the free liquid present in a flooded lead acid battery. The AGM design reduces gassing and acid leakage and improves the battery’s life span.


Maintenance-free automotive AGM batteries offer a number of advantages, from reduced service requirements to increased longevity. These batteries are especially beneficial for vehicles with multiple electrical systems. Some of these features make them a good choice for hybrid or electric vehicles. Moreover, these batteries can be used in various applications, such as starting and deep cycling.

Yuasa has been a leader in automotive AGM battery technology for decades. Its automotive AGM battery is specifically designed to handle the power demands of new and high-performance vehicles. The company’s automotive AGM experience includes supplying batteries for vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and the Mazda MX5. These batteries are also available in European vehicle battery designs.

Automotive AGM batteries are slightly more expensive than flooded batteries, but AGM batteries tend to perform better in automotive applications and last longer. Purchasing a high-quality maintenance-free battery can help increase the value of your vehicle. The battery may even be worth more than its replacement cost if you decide to sell your vehicle in the future.

AGM batteries have an excellent combination of performance and versatility. They have a structure similar to a wet cell battery, but with an electrolyte solution that is bound inside a glass mat separator. This makes them more durable and resistant to repeated draining and recharging. As more cars use modern features, AGM batteries are becoming an essential component of many modern vehicles.


While there is a theoretical length of time for a battery to last, the real-world lifespan depends on a number of factors. These factors can drastically cut a battery’s life expectancy. Luckily, you can combat some of these factors with proper maintenance. These tips should help you extend your automotive AGM battery’s lifespan.

Automotive AGM batteries are much more durable than traditional lead acid batteries. They also hold their charge longer and have a higher capacity for deep discharges than lead acid batteries. These factors make them a popular choice for vehicles that use stop-start technology. This technology automatically shuts off the engine at each stop to conserve fuel, but it puts a greater strain on the battery.

When choosing a battery, the most important factor to consider is the lifespan. Many flooded lead-acid batteries are not durable enough to withstand repeated cycling and will eventually lose their capacity. They can last up to two to five years, but this may not be enough to ensure safe driving. AGM batteries are designed to last ten years or more, which is a much better option.

One of the biggest advantages of AGM batteries is that they don’t leak any electrolyte. This prevents sulfation and spills. AGM batteries are also ideal for vehicles that operate in harsh conditions. In addition to their long life, they are easy to maintain. And when they fail, they can be recycled for reuse.


There are several factors that affect the cost of an automotive AGM battery. These include the brand name, performance, and temperature. In addition, you should also consider the cost of installation. Some shops may charge as little as $20 for installation, while others may charge up to $50. You can find the best price for your vehicle by comparing the various brand names and their prices.

There are many types of AGM batteries, and some manufacturers offer two grades: standard and premium. The latter are designed for vehicles with high demands, such as off-roading vehicles and electric winches. On the other hand, standard batteries are a good choice for luxury vehicles. Consumer Reports tests batteries for longevity, and the enhanced battery typically lasts up to twice as long as the standard type.

AGM batteries are soaked with an electrolyte that contains water and sulfur. This electrolyte binds to the lead plates, transferring the chemical energy to the battery. The electrolyte solution helps keep the battery charged and provides the power it needs to run the vehicle.