AGM StartStop Battery

If you drive a vehicle that requires start/stop capabilities, then you might want to choose an AGM Start-Stop Battery instead of a water-filled battery. These batteries are designed to handle start/stop activities much better than water-filled batteries. Factory-made AGM Start-Stop Batteries are recommended for start/stop vehicles.

Enhanced Flooded Batteries

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFBs) are commonly used in start-stop vehicles. These batteries automatically shut off the vehicle’s engine when it stops, and then start the engine when the driver pushes the accelerator. These batteries have a higher cranking-demand, so they are preferred for this application. AGM start-stop batteries were first designed for these vehicles more than 50 years ago, but today, they are a common choice for this use.

Compared to traditional flooded batteries, Enhanced Flooded AGM Start-stop Batteries have a much longer life span. This type of start-stop battery uses a glass mat separator to wick electrolyte between the battery’s plates. This process allows the fiberglass to absorb the electrolyte, which helps extend the battery’s life and improve its starting capacity.

An AGM battery has a smaller surface area than a flooded battery, and it offers better surface contact. This increases the battery’s life and reduces plate shedding. It also off-gases much less than a typical flooded lead-acid battery. The high pack pressure of the AGM battery reduces the possibility of leaks, and the battery does not fully vent to the atmosphere. An AGM battery also has a higher voltage output, which means shorter charging time.

Compared to AGM batteries, EFBs outperform their AGM counterparts in a variety of temperature tests. In one test, they outlasted AGM batteries by more than five degrees Celsius. In another, they outlasted AGM batteries by 52 percent. This means that EFB batteries can handle temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, which is higher than AGM batteries.

The AGM stop-start battery, on the other hand, can’t be installed in the vehicle’s engine compartment. This is because EFB and AGM batteries are specially designed to withstand the frequent cycling required by Stop-Start technology. These batteries are made to last for a very long time and are highly resistant to temperature changes. Choosing the proper type of battery is essential to maintaining the performance of your vehicle.

Another key difference between AGM start-stop batteries is the type of material they are made from. AGM batteries are made from lead and sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid on the lead plates reacts with the lead paste during the process of drawing power from the battery. The sulfuric acid is then able to dissipate during charging.

AGM batteries are premium products used in high-end and high-tech cars, and they are preferred by those who want greater reliability and longer life. They’re also ideal for start-stop vehicles, which are rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. They also have a much longer life span than traditional batteries.


Yuasa has pioneered AGM technology for industrial and motorcycle applications. This technology has now been adapted to the automotive industry to meet the demanding power demands of modern vehicles. Yuasa’s expertise with automotive AGM batteries comes from designing battery packs for high-performance hybrids, electric vehicles, and even the Toyota Prius. This technology is available in both JIS and DIN footprints.

As a start, Yuasa AGM batteries are sold with an amp-hour (AH) rating printed on the front of the case. A battery should be charged to its rated capacity before using it. During the “stand” period, the battery should remain charged to about 75-80%. This charge is done by placing the battery on a charging device capable of reaching 12.8 volts or more. The charger must also be able to activate or initialize the AGM battery.

The YBX7000 Start-Stop battery range is composed of 6 Japanese and 5 European models. These new battery models provide exceptional durability and cyclic endurance in demanding applications. The new technology has enhanced performance in high-cycle conditions, and offers higher energy storage. Its high-cyclic performance makes it ideal for Start-Stop applications.

Yuasa AGM Start-Stopping technology means that the battery is built with a glass mat separator that stores all the electrolyte the battery requires. The glass mat design also allows for higher pressures than conventional flooded batteries, which extends the battery’s life. The higher pressure also improves the resistance of the battery pack to vibration.

An AGM battery has a shelf life of five years when properly maintained. It should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. AGM batteries should not have the foil sealing strip removed until you are ready to activate them. The electrolyte in an AGM battery contains a higher concentration of sulfuric acid. It is important to use the correct amount of electrolyte when charging it.


The Exor AGM Start-Stop Battery features a superior battery design. This unit comes with an 80 Ah capacity and is designed for high-performance vehicles. It is ideal for vehicles such as Audi, Land Rover, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. This battery is made of a high-tin alloy plate.

This AGM start-stop battery features advanced components, such as high-surface glass mat separators. It also uses a unique carbon additive within its active mass, giving it a high degree of durability. It is ideal for vehicles with start-stop systems, as its low internal resistance allows fast and consistent power output. This start-stop battery also features an extended service life, making it an excellent choice for use in mild hybrid vehicles.