A solar battery is basically a battery that gets its power from the sun. It is otherwise known as a photovoltaic battery or solar cell battery. Many people wonder how these work and what are their uses?

A solar battery works at night, the only difference between a solar battery and other batteries is that it uses the sun’s rays to generate its power. These batteries can easily be charged by leaving them exposed to the sun for some time and connecting them to a load like an incandescent light bulb. When the sun hits these batteries, it creates a flow of electrons which can then be used to charge batteries or run electric appliances.

Sunrays have an immense source of energy in them and hence, they can provide us with power on demand. Solar batteries can be used in many applications such as powering watches and clocks, flashlights, calculators, etc. 

If you want unlimited power you can even use it to run electric gadgets like television sets, DVD players and computers, etc. Just make sure that your solar panel has enough capacity to meet your needs.

Solar batteries offer us the following benefits:

  • The batteries can be used in remote areas where there is no electricity available and hence no power grid. Thus, they bring to light, warmth, and comfort to people living in these areas.
  • Solar batteries use renewable sources of energy like sunlight that are always available at no cost. This makes them an environmentally friendly source of energy. They also help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment.