AGM sealed batteries are a great addition to your vehicle. They’re powerful, safe, and economical. And they’re also compatible with most vehicles, whether you drive a sedan or a truck or anything in between. If you want to learn more about AGM batteries for cars, continue reading this article.

AGM Batteries For Cars:

The abbreviation AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat, a type of electrolyte technology. The AGM battery is a hybrid between the traditional flooded lead-acid battery and the gel battery, and it can be used in place of each. The sealed version of the design enables the use in high vibration areas such as motorcycles, ATVs, airplanes, or golf carts.

There are a few main facets to the design of an AGM battery:

The plates are made out of fiberglass and coated with a lead peroxide paste. This paste is what absorbs the acid electrolyte to create a charge. This process is known as absorption, which is why this type of battery is called Absorbent Glass Mat.

The plates are separated by a glass mat separator that prevents short-circuiting between the positive and negative plates inside the battery, which would cause it to explode under high pressure. 

Likewise, if the two plates ever touch they will not create a spark like they would in a flooded lead-acid battery. This safety feature makes AGM batteries perfect for vehicle use because you don’t have to worry about them starting on fire when charged or discharged improperly.

Automotive AGM batteries are especially an excellent option for cars as they last longer and are safe to use compared to their counterparts. So give it a try!