With every car purchase, there is a battery to consider. Automotive AGM batteries are the best choice for your car because they are more reliable, longer-lasting, and more powerful than any other type of battery. But what exactly are AGM batteries and why should you choose them?

In this article, we will briefly explain what exactly AGM batteries are and their benefits. 

AGM Batteries:

AGM batteries have become popular as car batteries in recent years, but not everyone knows what makes them different from other types of batteries.

The acronym AGM stands for absorbed glass mat. It is a type of deep-cycle battery that works in a similar manner to a conventional battery. 

The difference, however, is that the electrolyte (or liquid) is absorbed into the fiberglass mat that adheres the lead plates together. This makes it less susceptible to leaks or spills than conventional batteries. This also makes it more durable and less likely to be affected by shock or impact. 

Because of this, this type of battery can be installed in any position without fear of spillage or fluid escaping from the case. Because these batteries are sealed, they will not lose their charge when not in use and can be used for up to three years without charge once they have been initially charged and cycled once.

AGM batteries come in many different sizes and shapes, which means that they can fit into almost any size space. They also come with a range of voltages (12v, 24v), so you can install one that matches