If you’ve been looking for the best battery for your vehicle, you’ve probably seen that there’s a lot of information out there. There are two main types of batteries: Sealed and Wet. Sealed batteries are designed to be maintenance-free while wet batteries require periodic watering. Both have their pros and cons and both have their applications. 

Automotive AGM batteries, or Absorbed Glass Mat, are a type of sealed battery with a very long life cycle due to their high level of maintenance-free capability. This blog will explain exactly why AGM batteries are the better choice for many drivers.

AGM Batteries:

AGM Sealed Lead Acid batteries are the most reliable and efficient type of car battery. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, which is a specific type of lead battery technology. 

Automotive AGM batteries are made with the highest quality materials that allow them to provide fantastic performance while remaining at a low cost. 

AGM batteries use fiberglass mats in place of the sulfuric acid that other auto batteries use to generate electricity. 

Absorbing this acid protects your car’s battery from harmful corrosion and deterioration because the mat can more readily absorb moisture than the cells themselves. 

This also means that AGM batteries don’t have to be vented, which makes them safer for you to be around if there is a problem with the battery.

AGM batteries are sealed, so there is no need to check the level of liquid inside before or during charging. They can be charged at any time without causing damage because of this sealing mechanism. 

AGM batteries also have much less internal resistance, meaning they are able to produce electricity more efficiently than other types of sealed batteries. 

For this reason, they also have faster charge times. Although they cost more than flooded lead-acid batteries, they last much longer than their counterparts.