LiFePo4 Batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries are a good choice for solar inverters. There are numerous reasons to choose LiFePo4 batteries over other types of batteries. In this article, we will discuss some perks of lithium iron phosphate batteries. And a trusted platform from where you can buy equipment related to solar systems. 

Top Perks Of LiFePo4 Batteries:

  1. Longer battery life: it is proved that the LiFePo4 batteries serve more than ordinary batteries. Such batteries can live up to 5000 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. Which is a good thing. 
  1. No maintenance required: There is no need to do extra services of LiFePo4 batteries in order to increase their shelf life. Moreover, the batteries show no signs of memory effects and can run for a long time without any maintenance. 
  1. Communication protocol: Advanced models of such batteries support communication protocols like RS495, RS232, etc.
  1. Easy to install: Lithium iron phosphate batteries are easy to install and they can easily be converted with various models of solar inverters. 
  1. Advanced technology: Such types of batteries are equipped with advanced BMS technology in order to protect the battery module and help to enhance the battery to always work at its optimum. 
  1. Application: As such types of batteries are lightweight and extremely safe, they can be used at various places like shopping malls, hotels, commercial places, etc. 

Where to buy LiFePo4 batteries? 

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