The main function of the motor battery is to empower the engine to get started. It enables the engine of the motorcycle by providing it with electric power. Secondly, it gives current to the charging system of the bike. 

When the charging system starts losing it is charging the battery to help it be functional. Thirdly, the motorcycle battery stabilizes the charging system of the bike. A high-quality battery is the basic requirement of the bike engine. 

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When you try to start the motorcycle, your battery is what provides the current through your starter, fuel system, and ignition system to allow it to start. Once the motorcycle has been started, your alternator becomes what provides the power to these components. 

The relationship between your motorcycle battery and engine functions much in the same way as a car battery. The alternator is fitted with a regulator that charges the battery while you ride. In this case, you may need to connect your battery to an external charger/maintainer.

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