Do you use a Samsung Smartphone? At times, you might think it would be good to use your phone for an extended period. Particularly, when you are traveling, you might not be able to find a power socket. In this case, you will look for ways to save battery. At Zyfixit, we have experience in producing replacement batteries. With this experience, we would like to share some tips to extend your battery:

Tips To Save Your Battery:

Adjust Display Settings:

High display brightness and long screen time-out settings can considerably bring down the battery time. So, to use your phone longer, you can lower the brightness setting. You can do find the brightness-adjusting slider by dragging the notifications menu. The slider will enable you to adjust brightness as you need. Unless you are outside under direct sunlight, you will not need full brightness.

Choose Power Saving Mode:

Has your Samsung battery reduced a lot? Immediately turn on the power-saving mode. The way to reach this mode differs from one device to another. But, the good thing about this mode is that it will close all the unwanted apps running in the background. In turn, your battery time will increase considerably.

Data Synching:

Your Samsung phone will have many apps. For instance, you will have an email account, social media account, and many of them. These apps frequently sync to ensure that your data remains safe. Frequent syncing can reduce your battery. So, go to sync settings on your apps. Here, ensure that they sync only when you need this to be done.