Personalized Light Boxes – Eye-Catching Ways to Promote Your Brand

Custom size LED light boxes provide businesses with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of environments and spaces. They can be customized in terms of frame material, color and finish to suit the company’s brand identity.

Personalized lightboxes allow you to make a personal connection with site visitors. They are easy to use and can be triggered by specific user actions.


A custom-built light box is a great way to draw attention to your message or brand. This is a cost-effective branding solution that can be used in a variety of settings, including personalised lightbox retail environments and trade shows. Lightboxes can be used to highlight menu items at restaurants, spotlight new products in a retail store, or promote an event or special offer. They are also easy to set up and transport, making them a good option for businesses that attend trade shows.

Whether you’re looking for a premium rechargeable modern LED floor lamp from PK Green to illuminate your business or event, or an illuminated sign for a trade show booth, this personalised lightbox is sure to make a lasting impression. Its unique, branded design is a great way to strengthen your brand recognition amongst existing clients, as well as attract and convert potential leads into customers.

Personalised light boxes are often found at gas stations and convenience stores, where they are a great way to catch the eye of drivers passing by at high speeds. These lights can be custom-made with your logo and other information, making them a great marketing tool for any type of business. The lightweight aluminum frames and SEG fabric graphics are designed for years of worry-free performance.


Personalized lightboxes are an excellent way to attract attention to your business and increase engagement. They are especially effective when used in a retail environment or at trade shows and exhibitions. They can be single or double-sided, backlit or edgelit, and are easy to set up. They also offer a high level of analytics to end-users, including clicks, closes, submissions and conversions. They can also be accessed on mobile devices, which can help you target your advertising efforts more precisely.

GDN Lightbox ads are interactive ad formats that use multiple images or videos to capture users’ attention. Unlike standard Display Network ads, which only show static content, these ads can be scrolled through or watched by the user. In addition to traditional Display Network targeting methods, these ads use an intelligence optimization engine that tailors audiences based on previous data.

Personalised Lightboxes can be customised using any render prop, such as the buttonPrev and buttonNext, to hide navigation buttons or to replace them with custom ones. This makes it easier to customize the layout of your ad without changing any code.

Lightboxes can be used for a variety of purposes, from corporate gifts for clients to illuminated signage at trade shows and exhibitions. They can also be a great way to promote your company’s logo or brand. These LED light boxes are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for any occasion.


Eye-catching is a term that refers to the ability of a product or display to draw attention from passersby. It can also be used to describe a product or service that is unusual, unique, or impressive. The use of this word is very common in advertising, and it can be found in a variety of contexts.

A personalised lightbox is an excellent option for attracting the attention of customers, because it provides an effective way to showcase a brand or message. These displays can frameless fabric light box be used in a number of different environments, from retail settings to trade shows and exhibitions. They are ideal for highlighting new products and promotions, and they can be easily transported.

PK Green offers an array of options for this type of display, including single-sided and double-sided designs. Each light box features an opal acrylic or polycarbonate panel and a light source. This allows for a bright, even glow that is highly visible in the environment. In addition, the lights are energy-efficient and can be operated in multiple modes, such as strobe or fade. This makes them an ideal choice for retail and promotional backlit display signage. They also work well as a custom branded gift for clients or event attendees.


Lightboxes are an effective way to capture the attention of passersby and draw their focus to your brand. They are highly visible, eye-catching, and impactful, making them ideal for use in retail environments, where they can be used to highlight new products or promotions. They are also a cost-effective branding solution, and their flexibility means they can be easily transported to trade shows and exhibitions.

SuperNova lightboxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including double-sided displays to ensure that your message is visible from multiple angles. They can be customised to your specifications, with options such as monitor mounts, graphic wings, headers, and standoff graphics to maximise the impact of your brand message. They are lightweight, portable, and durable, with high-quality LED lighting and HD fabric graphics for years of worry-free performance. In addition, they are easy to set up and come with a remote control that allows you to change the colour and select different modes (flashing, strobe, smooth colour change). They are an excellent choice for retail environments, trade shows, and other marketing events.