Different Types of Movie Poster Light Boxes

Movie posters are designed to capture attention with their large size, vibrant colors and compelling images. They can also include a release date and MPAA rating.

Linen backings may be trimmed close to the edge of a poster but are usually left with a border to prevent damage. If framing a valuable or rare poster, a reversible hinging method is preferred.

LED Snap Frames

LED light boxes offer an easy and hassle-free way to infuse your living or work environment with more color and atmosphere. They are also highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. Moreover, they are available in various sizes and brightness levels that you can choose from. This makes them the perfect choice for your specific needs, no matter what they may be.

You can display your favorite movie posters in a stylish and unique manner by using light boxes. These are frames with a clear acrylic cover on top that hold your poster and allow the edges of the movie poster to be illuminated. These frames can be easily mounted on the wall of your entertainment room and do not require any special tools to place, change or replace the poster. They are a great way to add an elegant look to your home theater.

These lightboxes feature a slim frame design that is less than 1” deep and have classic mitered corners for an attractive appearance. They use cool white LED lighting strips that are energy-efficient and long lasting. These edge-lit frames can be used in a wide range of indoor settings and come with an on/off switch and a long power cord.

You can easily install these lighted poster displays by snapping open the frame rails, inserting your desired poster or sign and replacing the thin protective film overlay. Once the overlay is in place, you can snap the frame edges closed. These displays are an ideal solution for business owners who want to showcase their messages and graphics in high traffic areas.

Lighted Poster Frames

Lighted poster frames are a stylish way to showcase movie posters or other graphics. They come with a clear overlay to protect the poster from dust and damage, and to prevent glare. They also feature energy-efficient LED bulbs that are long-lasting and require less maintenance than traditional fluorescent bulbs. You can also opt for a frame with a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lights.

These lighted poster frames are a great choice for malls, theaters, and entertainment venues. They are made from aluminum and have a thin profile design. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be ordered in custom sizes as well. They also have a range of color options, including popular black and silver tones.

Some of these framed light boxes have an ADA-compliant, break-resistant acrylic window. These light box displays are a great option for high-traffic areas, such as hotel hallways and lobbies, where the signs need to be durable and easy movie poster lightbox to swap out. They also have hidden hinges and a sliding gravity lock to keep the display case closed and secure when not in use.

These movie poster frames are simple to use and install. You can mount them to a wall or stand them upright on a table or counter. They are easy to clean and can be used in indoor or outdoor environments. They also have an edge-lit diffusing panel that reduces glare and provides even illumination.

LED Lighted Frames

Backlit light boxes offer the opportunity to effectively advertise your movie posters and other graphic images around-the-clock. Luminous advertising attracts attention much more than unlit frames and is particularly noticeable in the winter, when it gets darker earlier and earlier each day.

LED Lighted Frames feature an acrylic light panel that encases the poster, with cool white LED illumination that passes through an etched matrix on the rear of the frame and bounces off of the front glass to backlight the image or graphics inside. This type of illumination is extremely even and doesn’t produce hot spots or patchy lighting, so your images will appear richer in color and more eye-catching than ever.

A lighted frame also offers an attractive alternative to traditional fluorescent frames that have bulbs that wear out over time and require frequent replacement. The cool white light emitting diodes in our lighted frames are more energy efficient and last far longer than standard bulbs. Our lighted poster display frames are ideal for theater lobbies, shopping malls and other entertainment venues.

These lighted frames are easily installed with simple snap open functionality. They look like custom traditional poster frames, but they are stocked items that ship fast from our USA warehouse and include all necessary hardware for mounting. You can order a single illuminated poster frame or hundreds for your large indoor space. You can choose from a wide range of metal and wood frame finish styles as well, including frosted bronze, glacier white, satin silver, satin black and more.

LED Lighted Poster Displays

You’ve seen these poster displays throughout your local shopping mall, movie theaters and restaurants. They’re called light box posters and are highly effective in getting the attention of passersby. They can be backlit or edge-lit with a wide selection of sizes to choose from. You’ll find them in light box poster frame stores, corporate facilities, hotels, medical centers, transportation hubs, universities, libraries and other locations that need eye-catching signage.

The LED light strip in these lighted poster frames produces an eye-pleasing brightness that makes your graphics stand out from the wall, day or night. Images are clear and crisp with deep, saturated colors. They work well in brightly lit stores, but are even more effective in darker areas with their built-in illumination.

Poster frame LED lighting is long-lasting, energy efficient and low-voltage. This reduces operating costs and helps your budget.

Lighted posters are ADA-compliant with a break-resistant acrylic window to protect your printed material. They have a slim aluminum profile that’s perfect for modern environments and include nylon line hanging kits for wall mounting.

Snap frame posters are easily updated with new marketing or special announcements in minutes. The molding simply snaps open to allow you to slide in your graphic. The inner backlit panel is pre-treated to diffuse the light evenly and powerfully, and they’re available in a range of sizes.