Australia Top 6 Moving Head Beam Providers: Creating Dynamic Effects for Unforgettable Performances


When it comes to creating dynamic lighting effects for memorable performances, moving head beam lights are essential equipment. These versatile fixtures can pan, tilt, and produce stunning beams of light that add excitement and energy to any event. In Australia, there are several top providers of moving head beam lights who offer a wide range of products to suit different needs. In this article, we will explore the top 6 moving head beam providers in Australia and learn more about their offerings.

Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited

Brisbane Bright Ideas Brisbane Bright Ideas

Brisbane Bright Ideas

Perth LED Innovations

Gold Coast Eco-Lighting Systems

Sydney Illumination Design

Brisbane Bright Ideas Brisbane Bright Ideas

1. Brisbane Bright Ideas:moving head beam h2>

– Company Name: Brisbane Bright Ideas

– Estab moving head beam lished: March 2010

– Product Category: Moving Head Beam Lights

– Address: 123 Sunshine Boulevard, Brisbane, QLD

– Certification: ISO 9001 certified

– Company Features: Specializes in high-quality LED lighting solutions for events and productions.
– Contact: / +61 (0)7 1234 5678

2. Perth LED Innovations:

– Company Name: Perth LED Innovations

– Established: August 2015

– Product Category: Beam Moving Head Lights

– Address :456 Innovation Avenue , Perth , WA

-Certification :CE ,RoHS

-Company features – Leading provider of innovative LED lighting solutions tailored for various applications . They focus on eco-friendly designs that help reduce energy consumption while providing superior performance .
-Contact – / phone number – +61 (0)8 9876 5432

3.Gold Coast Eco-Lighting Systems :

Company name-Gold Coast Eco-lighting systems

-Established – April ,2022

Products category-led fixed installation lamps,garden lasers

Address –789 beachside walk gold coast QLD

Certification-RoHS compliant,Eco-Friendly design

Company features-Green focused company that delivers sustainable led lighting solutions with low carbon footprints making sure your event is as environmentally friendly as possible – +61(0)7 4321 8765

4.Sydney Illumination Design :

Company name-Sydney illumination design


Product Connectors-moving heads,various leds

Address-Xyz Boulevard Sydney NSW

Certifications– ROHs

Features-Distinguished by its cutting-edge technology advancement,SID ensure they provide unique illuminating experiences through robust innovative designs.Combining both artistry & functionality they deliver seamless performance.Contact-sidinfo@gmailau /phone:+610234678890


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