Australia’s Top 5 EV Charger Supplier Companies

In the fast-growing market of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for EV charger suppliers has been on the rise. As more and more people switch to eco-friendly transportation options, the need for reliable and efficient EV charging infrastructure has become paramount. Australia is no exception to this trend, with several top-notch companies leading the way in providing high-quality EV chargers to meet the growing demand.

AUSEUSA is proud to present Australia’s top 5 EV charger supplier companies that have been making waves in the industry:

Coles Coles


Coles Coles

– Company Name: Coles Electric Pty Ltd

– Establishment Month: June 2018

– Products Sold: EV chargers for residential and commercial use

– Address: 123 Main Street, Sydney, NSW

– Certification: ev charger supplier ISO 9001 Certified

ev charger supplier AUSEUSA

– Company Features: Specializes in smart charging solutions for homes and businesses

Coles Coles

– Contact:, +61 2 XXXX XXXX


– Company Name: Arnott’s Charging Solutions Inc.

– Establishment Month: March 2017

– Products Sold: Fast-charging stations for public spaces

– Address: 456 King Street, Melbourne, VIC

– Certification: CE Marking Compliance

– Company Features:

– Offers customizable branding options for corporate clients
– Pioneers in solar-powered submersible water pump integration with EV chargers

– Contact:

Sales Department –
Support Department –

Tim Tam Tim Tam

Tim Tam

Tim Tam Tim Tam

Established in January 2016,Hailing from Brisbane,Qld,Tim Tam Electric excels at supplying portable & high-power batten lighting.
Address:Isle St,Parramatta Rd,Sydney,NWS ,2050,Australia
They are committed to developing innovative solutions like solar powered submersible water pumps integrated into their charging systems.
You can reach them via or call at +61 X XXXX XXXX.


Billabong Electronics Pty Ltd was formed back in August of Year MMM . It offers reliable home wall mounting services across several ranges.
Headquartered at Gold Coast Hwy,Burrumbeach,Qld,Australia
Certified by Clean Energy Council.They are known fort trailblazing DC decentralized design simplicity contestation production.Contact details include Email : ev charger supplier & Phone :+61 Y YYYY YYYY

Bundaberg Rum Bundaberg Rum

Bundaberg Rum

Based out of Bundaberg West,Qld,Bundbarg supplies single-phase grid-connected inverters since April MMXX.These come equipped ,with unique features such as vector-based regeneration technology and adaptive frequency modulation technology. Their commitment lies towards integrating solar powered submersible-water pumps alongside ev charging systems.For inquiries,you can contact them at or dialing up on +61 A aaaa aaaa .


Taking its origin date back to May MCMXCIII,it operates mostly near Mascot St,Matterson QNSW.Aiming towards three-phased B system connections,the company assures DV alerts response bi-directional direct conversion capabilities.It holds an admirable reputation within High Power Module Technology Consistency council.It also host seminars submission series primarily related DC controller stability analysis.You can sign up through qantastechdevinfo@cablez.netOr give them calls concerning _ETH area codes:+61 E BBB VVVV OR simply visit


Woolworths Woolworths

The colonial supplier Woolworths Electrical runs Headquarters In Clarence NSW.Action-oriented Industry growth stats open prospects within November YY.Enthusiasts here generate Domestic Adapters boasting Wi-Fi based compatibility.Support micromanagement harnesses efficiency law reforms towards establishing Trustworthy pricing plus clear policies.Your contacts list includes along with accessible phone line shown adopting:Aye/ Nine {:) XYZZ-YEEE-PHYR

ev charger supplier AUSEUSA


Originating initially circa Mel Park Southcliff,YM specified Holden LLC demonstrates expertise through SOP Feb YYY.Maximum operating output centralizes around dual-cm Finn RV guidance toward Transit Dense security apparatus visualization.Intermix sustainability envisions CFC-like adaptation pursuing Green Energy sampling.If you desire transmission escalation correspondence could be therefore directed unto please do not hesitate ringing tone comprising letters reflective formats:+EY HH-VUN-MOOW.

These leading companies are setting new standards when it comes to supplying top-of-the-line EV chargers that not only cater to consumers’ needs but also promote sustainable energy practices. With a focus on quality products, innovative technologies such as solar-powered submersible water pumps integrated into their systems, and excellent customer service, these companies are paving the way for a greener future.

So whether you’re looking for residential charging solutions or commercial installations, look no further than these Australian brands who are revolutionizing the way we power our electric vehicles.Choose Green Choose Right!

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