Leading Lead Acid Car Battery Manufacturers

Lead acid batteries are known for their ability to provide a powerful and reliable burst of power, such as when you turn on the car ignition. They are also known for their cost-effectiveness and energy storage capacity.

Leading automotive lead acid battery manufacturers are leveraging organic growth strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, and product development through collaborations. This is expected to boost their market share and sales in the coming years.


Power-Sonic is a global leader in battery manufacturing, designing and developing innovative battery solutions. Their products are used in a variety of applications and can be found in over 70 countries. Power-Sonic’s engineers continually work to improve their processes, resulting in better value and performance for their customers.

Power Sonic’s PSH series of high-rate sealed lead acid batteries have been designed and engineered specifically for UPS systems and critical backup applications. These batteries feature thicker plate designs and use of high purity lead, providing a longer design life than conventional SLA batteries. They also have a more powerful Magic Eye indicator and heat sealed construction, making them safe to operate in any position.

These batteries are a perfect fit for rail and traffic signal applications where quality maintenance free backup is non-negotiable. They are built using state of the art equipment and undergo rigorous quality control to ensure consistency and reliability.

These batteries are ideal for telecommunications, delivering the long life and reliability needed to support business critical applications. These batteries feature rechargeable valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), also known as sealed lead acid batteries, and are an excellent choice for data centers. They are also highly cyclic resistant and offer great energy density for off-grid telecom applications. lead acid car battery manufacturers Powered by intelligent BMS and Bluetooth communication, the PSL-SC lithium battery series allows you to monitor your battery status and localize any potential issues from a mobile device.


JYC is an acronym for “Johor Youth Council”. It is a state-level youth organization in Johor, Malaysia. JYC’s mission is to promote and protect the rights of young people in the state. It also strives to educate the public about the importance of youth issues and empower young people to become leaders of their own lives.

The company’s products include lead-acid batteries, power generators, and emergency lighting. Their flooded lead-acid batteries are available in many sizes and voltages. They are a cost-effective alternative to lithium-ion batteries. They are also ideal for off-grid and backup applications. Their GEL battery uses special separators and silica gel to immobilize the electrolyte and improve cycle life and performance.

Clarios is a former division of Johnson Controls that has been operating as a leading aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (OE) battery maker since 2014. They produce 150 million batteries annually and are a trusted source of energy for 1 in 3 vehicles worldwide. Their absorbent glass mat and flooded batteries meet functional safety requirements precisely and offer strong surge capability. They also have the flexibility to meet customer demands by offering a range of capacities, sizes, and configurations. They have a global footprint and 50+ manufacturing, recycling, and distribution centers. They also foster global R&D collaboration and have 6 dedicated research facilities.

East Penn

East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc specializes in lead-acid batteries for automotive, commercial and industrial applications. It is one of the largest single-site battery manufacturers in the world and operates manufacturing facilities that cover more than 2 million square feet. The company’s products include flooded, AGM, and gel cell batteries, as well as battery accessories, such as booster cables, battery terminals and chargers. Located in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, East Penn is a privately owned company that sells a majority of its products on a private-label basis to national chain auto parts stores and battery distributors.

In 1947, DeLight Breidegam and his partner Karl Gasche founded East Penn Battery Company. They began rebuilding and manufacturing ups battery manufacturer new automobile batteries with raw materials that were smelted in their own small smelter. This was a time of great expansion in the United States as the nation struggled to rebuild following World War II.

During this period, the company also started to diversify its offerings. It purchased a battery specialist, Electro Battery Company, and opened warehouses in the Midwest. In addition, the company purchased a Canadian battery distributor and built warehouses in Toronto, Ontario.

The company’s flagship product is its Deka brand, which offers a wide range of lead-acid batteries for many applications, including auto and marine. The company also makes specialty batteries for cell phone transmitters, military ordnance, backup power for solar and renewable energy generators, floor machines and wheel chairs, and golf carts.


Exide Technologies is one of the largest producers, distributors and recyclers of lead acid batteries worldwide. They offer a range of products for varying markets, including UPS, material handling equipment, solar and railway applications. Their products are made in flooded, AGM and VRLA designs and include brands such as Classic, Powerfit, Drysafe and Tensor. They also provide a complete range of charging solutions for their batteries.

The company has a long history of environmental problems and has been linked to several high-profile lawsuits. One of those suits was filed by a Greer family after their home was exposed to toxic lead from the plant’s soil. A judge eventually ruled that the family would be awarded $7 million in damages.

Another example of the company’s problems occurred when a worker at the Greer plant had a dangerously high level of lead in his blood. He was not moved from his job, and company officials ignored warnings from his doctor. The Post and Courier found that this practice was common at the plant.

In 2020, the Greer plant closed and a trust created during the bankruptcy auction bought the property. The company that now owns it is trying to sell the land before the money runs out. The new owners have renamed the business Stryten Energy and kept top executives, including former Exide CEO Tim Vargo and president Mike Judd.