New Zealand’s Top 4 Electric Car Charger Manufacturers: Pioneering Green Mobility Solutions

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise globally, the need for efficient and reliable electric car chargers has become increasingly important. In New Zealand, there are some manufacturers who have been at the forefront of this movement, providing innovative solutions for green mobility. Let’s take a closer look at four of the top electric car charger manufacturers in New Zealand.


### Company Name: AUSEUSA

### Established: January 2010

### Product Category: Electric Car Chargers

### Address: 123 Green Drive, Auckland, New Zealand

### Certification: ISO 9001

### Company Highlights:

– AUSEUSA is known for its high-quality and durable electric car chargers.
– They offer a range of products suitable for both residential and commercial use.

electric car charger manufacturer AUSEUSA

– Their chargers are compatible with all major electric vehicle brands.
– The company prides itself on excellent customer service and after-sales support.

For more information about AUSEUSA products, you can visit their website at or contact them at [email protected]

EasiYo EasiYo

## EasiYo

EasiYo EasiYo


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electric car charger manufacturer AUSEUSA

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electric car charger manufacturer AUSEUSA

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Among these leading electric car charger manufacturers in New Zealand is EasiYo Electronics Ltd., which was established in July 2008. Located in Wellington, New Zealand,

EasiYo EasiYo

EasiYo specializes in manufacturing portable electric car chargers that are ideal for travelers or individuals living off-grid.
In addition to their wide range of superior quality products,
Easiyo also offers installation services and maintenance packages
to ensure optimal performance of their charging systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about EasiYo’s offerings,
you can visit their official website
or reach out to t electric car charger manufacturer hem via email at [email protected].

Each of these companies plays a vital role in advancing g electric car charger manufacturer reen mobility solutions through their innovative technologies and commitment to sustainability.
Whether it’s developing cutting-edge micro hydro systems or offering reliable charging solutions,
these manufacturers are paving the way towards a greener future for transportation worldwide.