MEISUN FACTORY – LED Lighting Manufacturer

MEISUN FACTORY is one of the leading lighting manufacturers who produce various types of LED Lighting for commercial and residential buildings. They have the advanced production facility, strong tech team and high efficient model of production, those enable them to offer customers the best quality products and service. Their lighting designs range from grand splendor to contemporary chic.

Product Description

American artisan-crafted lighting manufacturers produce a broad spectrum of product lines, from massive grand styled chandeliers and mid-sized ceiling mounts to delicate wall sconces and mini pendants. They also offer a variety of unique elements, from halo rings to atomic styled orbs, that make their luminaires stand out in any design scheme. These statement pieces are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any space, from large foyers and foyer entrances to smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. Many of these fixtures are made with a combination of metal and glass to create a cohesive aesthetic. These fixtures are perfect for creating an impressive entryway to a home or business.

Product Warranty

LED lighting warranties are not iron-clad guarantees that a customer will never lose money on a fixture. A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that if something goes wrong with a product, it will be repaired or replaced MEISUN FACTORY lighting manufacturer at their discretion. However, the word “if” is key, as warranties are not foolproof and can be voided based on how the fixtures are used.

Most warranties have a rated life or a number of hours they are guaranteed to last, depending on the fixture type. These rated lives are based on the assumption that the fixture will be turned off or down during off-hours or seasons, and that the fixture won’t be run 24/7 year round. LEDs LED Downlight don’t have built in alarms to ding when the rated hours are up, so warranties usually run from the date of purchase.

A warranty will be voided if the fixture is installed in an environment that exceeds its rated temperature or if it is operated outdoors during daylight hours, or if it is subjected to high humidity or extreme temperatures for extended periods of time, if it is modified or altered by the purchaser in any way or if the installation instructions and warnings are not followed. The purchaser is responsible for all freight and handling charges for returning product(s) for warranty service.

Product Recommendation

The company’s scalability means that it can create statement pieces in nearly any size—from massive, grand styled chandeliers and mid-sized ceiling mounts to smaller mini pendants and wall sconces. Its American artisan-crafted contemporary luminaires are modern marvels of engineering and design featuring unique elements like halo rings and atomic style orbs. The brand’s extensive portfolio of lighting products can be found at over 2100 independent lighting showroom dealers across the U.S., as well as in many online retailers. The company’s products are also backed by a 5-year warranty. This provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing this renowned manufacturer’s products.