Add Style to Your Hallway With a Wall Lamp

Lighting your hallways can be an effective way to add ambience and hallway wall light improve visual clarity. Explore a range of options like wall sconces, flush mount ceiling lights, pendant lighting, and more to create the ideal design for your hallways.

Remember to consider the brightness and color temperature of your fixtures, and be sure to regularly dust and clean your hallway light fixtures to ensure longevity and efficiency.

LWA378 5 Watt White Interior LED Wall Light

Transform your home or the walls of your business into a modern art gallery with this contemporary wall lamp. The asymmetrical design looks like a piece of paper folded in on itself and helps to direct the light upwards for both illumination of the fitting as well as the walls beneath it. Using top of the line CREE brand 5 Watt LED lights, this lighting fitting produces a warm 3000K light temperature that will suit homes and businesses of any style. The finish is also simple and neutral, making it easy to match with a wide range of colour schemes.

LWA438 12 Watt LED Interior Wall Uplighter Fitting

The right lighting makes all the difference when it comes to transforming your home. In addition to providing essential light for safety, indoor lighting can also enhance your home’s aesthetics. One of the best ways to do this is by using sconce lighting. These wall mounted lights are often used in hallways to illuminate a long stretch of wall and in living rooms to add style and ambience.

Aside from illuminating, the right interior LED wall lights can also add intrigue and visual interest to a room. For example, the LWA456 3 Watt Decorative White Interior LED Wall Uplighter Fitting is a funky and artistic light that serves as an art piece while lighting up a room. It has a unique asymmetrical design with a black circle in the middle that shines a halo of light around it to give it an eye-catching appeal.

When choosing a wall sconce, it is important to consider its shape and material. You want to choose a design that fits the rest of your home and that works with your current decor. Boxy shapes work well in minimalist spaces, while curvy designs look great with a more elegant or vintage design. Another consideration is whether you want to choose a light with a bright or dim finish and what type of colour temperature you are looking for.

LWA440 2 Watt LED Up and Down Wall Light

Add a modern touch to your hallway decor with the LWA440 2 Watt LED Up and Down Wall Light. Its eye-catching spike design instantly draws attention, and its edgy contemporary style blends well with any modern indoor decor. This sconce also offers an impressive illumination of 140 lumens from the bulb at its top as well as the base for a wall washing effect that’s sure to be noticed. Its black body finish looks great in typical outdoor spaces too.

Leon 8 Watt 250mm Wide Brushed Silver LED Wall Light

Layered lighting in interior design is a key element to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. This Leon 12 watt 450mm wide brushed silver LED up and down wall mounted light is ideal for use as part of your overall layered lighting plan. It sends a beam of up and down light to highlight items both above it and below and is a great choice for adding visual appeal to your walls.

This modern up and down interior wall light has a simple and sleek appearance. It is finished in a smooth brushed aluminium with an opal acrylic top and bottom cover which the light shines softly through. The LED driver for this light sits neatly inside the MEISUN FACTORY lighting manufacturer fitting. It needs to be hardwired into your 240 volt mains supply so installation should be left to a licensed electrician.

This wall light is very energy efficient and will save you on your electricity bill in the long run. It has a lifespan of 20,000 hours and is highly maintenance free as the LED is hardwired right into the light. It is also environmentally friendly producing almost no heat and is 100% recyclable. This up and down light is rated IP20 and is suitable for indoor use only.