Solar Induction Street Lamp

Solar induction street lamp are a self-sufficient lighting solution, eliminating the need for ongoing electricity bills. They use a built-in battery system to store energy, allowing them to function during the night or even in a power outage.

Our Brighta Solar Lighting System is an effective option for parks, pathways and parking lots, with three light fixture options and dark sky friendly design. It has all the components in one integrated unit, including a Lithium Battery, solar panel and controller.

Energy Efficiency

Solar street lamps use sunlight as a source of energy for illumination and don’t require any connection to the power grid, eliminating the need for expensive electrical infrastructure and reducing electricity bills. Compared to traditional lights, they also consume less energy and produce less heat. They are designed to work with a wide range of weather conditions, allowing them to be used in a variety of settings and environments.

They have state-of-the-art smart control features that enable them to conserve energy and extend battery life. For example, they can be adjusted to dim or brighten depending on the ambient light level. They can also be controlled remotely, making it easy to monitor and manage lighting levels.

The solar LED street lights are an effective solution for outdoor areas like streets, parking lots, roads, sidewalks and pathways. These solar powered lights can be easily installed and provide long-lasting, reliable and consistent illumination. They are ideal for residential and commercial properties including solar induction street lamp driveways, garages, patios & verandas, front, back & side yards, pathways and more.

The all-in-one solar motion sensor street lamp is a great choice for replacing aging technology and fixtures. These lights don’t require any additional electrical service or connection to the local power grid, providing a true green lighting solution with 100% energy savings. All the necessary components, including the Lithium battery, solar panel and LED array are contained in a single, easy-to-install unit.

Long Lifespan

The lifespan of solar induction street lamps depends on a few key factors. First, the battery must be capable of providing sufficient power throughout the night. Second, the light sensor must be able to switch the lights on and off, depending on the ambient light levels. Finally, the controller must be stable and capable of charging the batteries correctly.

These factors can be easily ensured by choosing a high quality solar induction street lamp with a long warranty. The best option for this is the ILLS all-in-one solar motion sensor 50w LED streetlight, which comes with all necessary components, such as the solar panel, battery storage, and induction lighting, built into one unit. As a result, the installation process is quick and easy.

This model features an imported mono-crystalline silicon solar panel with 21% photoelectric conversion efficiency, a smart MPPT controller, and a deep cycle lithium iron phosphate battery. Its capacity is large enough to fully charge in 6-8 hours and keep the lights on for a full night, at different brightness levels.

In the daytime, the solar panel gathers energy from sunlight to recharge the batteries via a solar charge controller. When the open-circuit voltage from the solar panel lifepo4 lithium battery supplier drops below 4.5V and the sunlight illumination reduces to 10lux or less, the controller activates the battery to discharge.

Low Maintenance

All-in-one solar street lights can be installed in a short time, do not need electrical wiring, just place it in a spot with direct sunshine and wipe out the dust(pole is included). They are easy to use with state of art smart control features that enable real-time monitoring of the lighting level.

They use LED (light-emitting diode) lights that convert a large percentage of the electrical energy into light, saving more electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. Solar induction street lamps also feature batteries that store solar energy during the day and provide illumination at night. The lights can operate for several hours at a time, even on cloudy days. This helps to reduce reliance on traditional power grids and to lower electricity bills.

The battery has a high capacity and a long life cycle, making it ideal for outdoor lighting applications. The intelligent all-in-one design of this fixture includes a human PIR sensor, so when no movements are detected,it will remain at 50% capacity to save energy. When movements are detected,it will switch to full capacity automatically.


Solar induction street lamps use LED lights that convert a high percentage of electrical energy into light. They are able to provide bright lighting for several hours without running out of energy. They also have the ability to dim or turn off automatically when people enter an area. They are ideal for public spaces and commercial areas.

Because of their low maintenance costs, solar induction street lights are an attractive option for lighting rural roads and remote areas. They are also more environmentally friendly than traditional street lamps. Additionally, they can be installed in hard-to-reach places where it would otherwise be impractical or impossible to install other types of lighting.

When lightning strikes a solar panel LED street lamp system, it can cause high-energy overcurrent or overvoltage transients that may damage the entire system. To prevent this, solar street lights are equipped with a power surge protector box. When induction thunder wave invades the power supply transmission line, the power surge protector box will quickly react in a low-impedance state and discharge the lightning current to the ground in less than nanoseconds.

Besides this, smart control system can further reduce electricity consumption of solar induction street lamps. This system can be operated by a remote controller to monitor voltage of the solar panel and battery. The remote controller can set various working modes such as D2D mode, five-stage night mode, and TOT mode. It can even be switched on or off wirelessly at a fixed time at setting time.