bionic flood light

Bell+Howell Solar Bionic Flood Light

Solar Powered, easy to install, and even easier to operate. This Bell+Howell solar powered flood light uses industrial grade panels to absorb and store clean energy during the day to brighten up your home at night.

108 industrial-grade LED bulbs line and power the 3 adjustable panels on this motion-sensing security light. Each panel swivels to focus on a desired area around your home or yard and can brighten up an area over 1,000 square feet.

Easy to Install

Unlike traditional security lights, Bell+Howell solar Bionic Flood Light requires no costly contractor and uses free energy from the sun to illuminate your home, driveway, yard or garden. The motion sensor function turns it on automatically when movement is detected, illuminating an area over 1,000 square feet and scaring away unwanted nocturnal intruders or pests.

The 108 high intensity LED bulbs can be adjusted with 3 adjustable panels to direct the light where you want it most. The remote control lets you easily adjust brightness and strobe mode, turn the motion sensor function on and off and more.

This outdoor flood light can be staked in the ground or mounted on vertical surfaces. It is water and frost-resistant, so you can use it all year round.

It is easy to install, just survey your space and choose a spot that gets full sunlight throughout the day. Make sure there are no trees, bushes or other obstructions that would prevent it from charging properly. Once it is fully charged, it will stay on all night and turn off at dawn.

Adjustable for Customization

With adjustable brightness settings, you can control the luminosity of your outdoor lighting to suit your needs. From a soft glow to bright daylight-like shining, there are plenty of options. These lights are also designed to withstand extreme climate conditions, such as heavy rains, snow, scorching sun and freezing temperatures.

The motion sensor is a great feature of these solar lights, allowing them to turn on when nearby led panel light movement is detected. It will then blast the area with a bright light, and turn off once movement stops or is out of range. This is a great way to deter nocturnal intruders and keep your property safe at night.

Once you have the outdoor lights installed, make sure to test them out to ensure they work correctly. Walk around in front of them to see if they detect movement, and adjust the sensitivity and other customizable features to fit your home. Occasional solar panel cleaning and battery charging are recommended, too. This prevents overcharging and ensures optimal operation.

Super Bright

Illuminate a dark garage, shed, porch or outdoor area with this solar powered motion activated LED flood light. It features a remote control, a strobe function and enough power to cover up to 1,000 square feet. Its premium casing is heat resistant and weather-resistant, making it perfect for illuminating a dim garage or backyard patio. No wires are required, so you can set it up with ease.


108 industrial-grade LED bulbs and 3.6 Watts creates a super bright light that consumes very little energy. Unlike other solar lights with fixed panels, our LED panel swivels to orient in any direction so you can focus your light output at a preferred location.

The built in motion sensor turns the light on when movement is detected and shuts off a few seconds after the motion stops or is outside of the range of the sensor. Its strobe function can also scare away nocturnal intruders and small animals like racoons that mess with your trash bins. The light is solar-powered and battery-free and works in rain or snow.

Motion Sensor

The solar powered lights are equipped with a motion sensor to ensure that it only turns on when needed. This helps to save energy and prevents it from being used when no one is around. It also provides an extra layer of security by alerting you if someone approaches your home.

The bell+howell solar light for yard is a multi-directional, solar powered, motion activated floodlight that absorbs the sun’s energy all day so it can shower your entire backyard with a span of bright, penetrating light at night. The 3 separate panels on this device swivel and can be positioned individually, allowing you to focus the output of the 108 industrial-grade LED bulbs in any desired direction for your preferred illumination.

This product is completely wireless, allowing for an easy, quick and hassle-free installation. Simply stake it in the ground or mount it vertically on a wall adjacent to your pathway. bionic flood light It is designed to withstand extreme conditions and 4 seasons, so it can be used all year round. It even comes with a remote control with easy-to-use 1-touch buttons, making it simple to use.

Remote Control

Easily brighten your outdoor living area with this solar powered flood light. It is wireless so you don’t need to hire a contractor and is easy to set up. Just stake it in the ground or mount it on a wall. It comes with a remote control to turn on or off the motion sensor function, turn on strobe mode and adjust brightness.

The 108 industrial grade LED bulbs are super bright and can illuminate an area over 1,000 sq ft. The swiveling panels allow you to point the lights where you need it most. The premium casing from Bell+Howell is heat resistant so it can be used all year round even in extreme weather conditions like rain, snow or ice.

The motion-activated security light can also be used as a deterrent for unwanted intruders or small animals like racoons and opossums messing up your trash. It only turns on when it detects movement nearby and shuts off a few seconds after. You can even use the built in strobe light function to scare them away if needed.