led flat panel light

LED Flat Panel Light

An LED flat panel light is an alternative to a fluorescent troffer fixture and has many innovative features. They are dimmable, compatible with building controls, have a variety of mounting options and can be configured with different color temperatures.

They are commonly used in offices, restaurants and retail spaces to create a bright and welcoming ambiance for guests. In hospitals, these lights illuminate patient rooms and exam areas to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Energy Savings

Flat panel LED ceiling lights have a sleek design and offer multiple innovative features. These fixtures are perfect for new construction or retrofitting fluorescent ceiling light panels. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any space, are compatible with building controls and motion sensors, and produce high lumen output for optimal brightness.

LED lights are also more energy efficient than their fluorescent counterparts, requiring less power to operate. This means that you can save significantly on energy costs when switching to this type of lighting. In addition, LEDs generate very little heat, which helps cut down on cooling costs as well.

There are several different types of LED flat panel lights, including edge-lit and direct-lit models. The edge-lit models feature a white-framed edge that is designed for T-grid drop ceilings and troffer replacement. The LED lens technology directs the light emitted from the fixtures downward, eliminating hot spots and glare. They are also available with a field-adjustable color temperature and 0-10V dimming.

The direct-lit flat panel lights are similar to the edge-lit models, but they utilize a series of LEDs that are directly behind the diffuser panel for maximum lumen output. These fixtures can be used in recessed, surface mount, or suspended installations. They are compatible with a wide range of accessories, such as occupancy sensors and a frosted lens, to further customize the lighting of any space.

Longer Lifespan

Unlike traditional bulbs that have to be replaced every few years, LED lights last up tube light to 50,000 hours on average. This can help to significantly reduce the amount of time and money that is spent on replacing lighting fixtures.

LED flat panels also come with a wide variety of options and features that can be selected to meet specific project requirements. These can include things like wattage consumption, lumen output and color temperature. This makes it possible to have one fixture type that can be used in many different types of installations throughout a building.

Many LED flat panel light options also come with a frosted diffuser that helps to soften the lighting and reduce glare. These features are especially useful in places like conference rooms, where people may need to focus on presentations and discussions.

Additionally, some LED flat panel lights are available with occupancy sensors, which detect the presence of people in a room and adjust the lighting accordingly. This can help to save even more energy and money by ensuring that the lighting is only being used when it is needed.

Many of these flat LED lights are also shatter resistant, which can help to reduce the risk of damage when they are moved or knocked against. This can make them a good choice for places where there is a lot of foot traffic or where the lights may be subject to more abuse than usual.

Low Maintenance

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED flat panel light does not produce any harmful UV emissions. This can protect fabrics from fading and make people more comfortable in areas where the lights are in use. They are also instant on and have no warm up time. Lastly, the LED drivers in these lights are designed to create minimal current ripple. This reduces eye strain and fatigue.

In commercial settings, these lights are commonly used in offices, warehouses, retail stores, and conference rooms. They can also be installed in residential spaces like garages, basements, and living rooms. Typically, they are installed in existing drop ceiling systems or can be surface mounted to a finished ceiling using a bezel kit.

They can be customized to meet specific needs and requirements. Logos Lighting offers these panels in several different shapes, sizes, wattages, and color temperatures. They are also available in DLC standard or premium, which helps qualify them for energy-saving rebates. As a result, these panels offer significant cost savings as compared to traditional linear fluorescents in the long run. They also help to boost productivity and provide a more aesthetically pleasing space for employees, customers, and clients. This makes them a great replacement for linear fluorescent troffers in commercial buildings. They also require less maintenance and upkeep than other types of lighting fixtures.


Unlike fluorescent light panels that produce harsh, glaring illumination, led flat panel light is designed to sit flush with the ceiling and emits a softer, more inviting white lighting. It can also be dimmed to create the perfect ambiance for any space. This makes them a perfect choice for living spaces, bedrooms, and commercial areas where an even light distribution is desired.

Flat LED panel lights are available in two styles: edge lit and backlit. The difference between these two types lies in how the LEDs are installed and how they project their lighting. Edge lit LED panels have LED chips on the edges of the fixture that illuminate the entire panel. These are typically used in drop ceilings and led flat panel light can be mounted as surface mount fixtures. Backlit LED panels have more powerful LED chips that are mounted directly behind the diffuser for higher lumens per watt. These are usually used in recessed fixtures but can be used as surface mounts with a bezel kit.

LED flat panel light is a great replacement for outdated fluorescent light panels in existing grid ceilings, and can be used as the foundation for a new construction or renovation. They are a great option for office buildings, schools, and hospitals due to their excellent light distribution, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. They can also be paired with emergency backup options to make them a more versatile lighting solution.