Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

In warehouses, efficient navigation and safety are important aspects that affect the overall operational productivity. Using LED forklift lights can help to minimize accidents and collisions thereby improving safety levels significantly.

Forklift safety warning lights create a safe working border around your lifting device by shining a Forklift Tricolor Rear Light bright light on the ground 10 to 20 feet in front and behind your forklift.

Blue Spotter Light

The SPSL-2B forklift blue spotter light shines a bright LED blue beam to alert pedestrians in the area of any forklift movements. It’s one of the most powerful and effective spot lights on the market. It’s also multi-volt, meaning it can be installed on most 12v, 24v, 36v, and 48v forklifts.

Strobe lights are not a necessary part of any forklift, but they can be helpful in some operations. They illuminate when the forklift is moving, in reverse, or stopping and may help drivers stay aware of any blind intersections or cross aisles in their work areas.

While the forklift arch light is not a necessity, it can help lower pedestrian injury accidents caused by rear end swing or turning lift truck doors. It projects a red zone to show pedestrians a NO GO ZONE, which helps avoid injuries caused by the rear of a lift truck and ensures the safety of everyone in the area. Adding these optional forklift accessories is an easy way to support good safety practices in any workplace. They can also reduce the number of forklift accidents and save lives.

White Spotter Light

Strobe lights illuminate brightly when the forklift is in reverse, alerting those behind it that the lift truck is backing up. White spotter lights are particularly useful in noisy, dark or busy work environments, as they help pedestrians better see the direction of the forklift’s movements. Strobe lights are not required by OSHA, but they can support good safety practices in many operations.

Blue pedestrian spotlights are another optional piece of equipment that can prevent forklift-pedestrian collisions in certain workplaces. When used in conjunction with a red side pedestrian light, these lights project two red lines on each side of the forklift to illuminate the “no-go zone” for pedestrians around the rear of the machine. This helps lower the risk of foot injuries due to rear end swing and other accidents caused by pedestrians underestimating how much space they need between them and turning forklifts.

These lights are easy to install, operate and maintain, but they should always be inspected at the beginning of every shift to confirm they tractor light manufacturers are working properly. As with all forklift accessories, it’s important to assess the working environment and decide if these safety lights are right for your facility before adding them to your fleet.

Tail/Brake Light

40% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian, protect your team from foot injuries by installing this rear light. It displays a red arch on the floor that shows pedestrians to stay back and can be adjusted to the distance of your choice. This warning light will prevent foot injuries caused by rear end swing or collisions with mobile equipment and can also be used to display a NO GO ZONE for any vehicle.

Strobe lights, blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights are optional forklift safety accessories not required by OSHA but useful in a variety of operations. When lit, they communicate a variety of different actions or statuses to other operators and pedestrians in the workplace, helping them make safer decisions.

Strobe Light

Depending on the type of environment you use, optional safety lights may enhance safety for your forklift. These include blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights, which illuminate lines that tell pedestrians to stay behind the lift. They aren’t required by OSHA but can help support good safety practices in many operations.

This mini warning light combines durable construction with multifunctional lighting, 22 built-in flash patterns and memory function. It is easy to install into headlight and tail light housings for vehicles and can be used on small equipment, including forklifts. This strobe light is also available in amber, blue and clear. This safety strobe is highly visible in any environment and commands attention. The light’s Xenon flash tube is encapsulated and provides durability.