Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Adding forklift safety lights to your lift trucks is a great way to increase visibility and warn pedestrians of the presence of the truck. Strobe, red and blue safety lights are available for use on forklifts, and each type is suited to different kinds of operations.

These LED warning lights force pedestrians to keep a safe distance and reduce Forklift Tricolor Rear Light the risk of being hit by a turning lift truck. They are also incredibly easy to install on your lift trucks.

Blue Spotlight

Whether you operate in an area that requires extra safety precautions for pedestrians or just need to ensure your forklift is easily visible, this forklift light is an essential addition to your vehicle. This Toyota Genuine Blue LED Pedestrian Spotlight helps to prevent accidents by projecting a bright spotlight in front of or behind your forklift, showing pedestrians that a truck is nearby.

This spot light is most often used in conjunction with forklift safety practices and best practices to help limit risk to operators and pedestrians working in material handling settings. However, it’s a great alternative for job sites in which pedestrians are frequently in the aisles and need an additional visual warning that a forklift is nearby. It shines a large, intense blue LED light 15 to 20 feet in front of or behind the forklift and can be installed on the front or rear of your truck.

Red Side Pedestrian Light

Forklift safety lights serve an important role in the workplace and are an essential part of forklift operation. They help workers be aware of forklift movements and speed. They can also help prevent forklift accidents and injuries. Some of the most common forklift safety lights include blue pedestrian spotlights, red side pedestrian lights and strobe lights. However, not all of these forklift safety lights are necessary in every environment. The type of optional forklift lights a company chooses will depend on the specific operations they’re intended to enhance.

The Red Zone Eco, for example, projects a bright red line on both sides of the forklift, creating a “cushion of safety” or a visual perimeter around the machine that pedestrians must stay outside of. This helps protect against foot injury and collision from rear-end forklift swing.

This forklift light is a great option for warehouses that use forklifts frequently. It’s easy to mount and can be wired to the vehicle for quick installation. It operates on the vehicle electrical system and features an adjustable red line that’s visible from a distance. For maximum visibility, the Red Zone Eco can be synchronized with other directional lights in the same system. A programmable smartphone app makes it easy to customize the settings. It also has a built-in ambient light sensor to automatically dim the light depending on the lighting conditions in the workplace.

Strobe Light

This strobe warning light is a mini warning lights that can fit into headlight or taillight housings. It features a bright strobe with 22 built-in flash patterns and a durable construction. It is ideal for forklifts, small utility vehicles and other small mobile equipment. This light displays a red arch that shows pedestrians the NO GO zone around the rear of the vehicle, helping to prevent foot injuries and collisions from forklift rear end swing.

Strobe lights, blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights are optional forklift safety accessories used in some operations. Although they are not required by OSHA, these safety lights can be useful in supporting good forklift safe practices in many different environments. If you use these safety lights, it is important to perform a daily check to ensure they are working properly.

Tail/Brake Light

A forklift light that illuminates a brake light when it is activated can be helpful in environments with a lot tractor light manufacturers of pedestrian traffic, helping to notify those behind a lift truck of slowing speed or sudden stops. This feature is also helpful in blind intersections, as it can warn pedestrians of a lift truck’s presence and help prevent accidents.

Although not required by OSHA, blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights can enhance safety in certain operations by providing a visual warning or approaching light. Strobe lights are not useful for all types of operations and may actually decrease safety in some situations, but a variety of different strobe light configurations can be used to support good lift truck operation practices.

While determining whether or not to use these optional forklift safety lights will depend on your specific workplace, all operators should conduct a daily check of any forklift light that is installed and functioning properly. This is particularly important in situations where OSHA does not require the use of these forklift lights. For more information on how to test your working environment for optimal safety, consult this article on assessing your workplace’s safety needs for forklifts.