Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Warehouse environments are busy and confusing, so precise forklift navigation techniques help prevent accidents. These LED forklift lights illuminate dedicated routes accurately and clearly so drivers can navigate safely and find loading docks promptly.

Although not required by OSHA, adding a blue spotlight, red side pedestrian light and/or strobe light may improve safety in certain operations. These lights serve as approach or warning lights, helping pedestrians keep a safe distance from forklifts.

Blue Spotlight

The Blue Spotlight feature is designed to help keep pedestrians away from the rear of your forklift. It projects a bright blue spot 15 to 20 feet behind the forklift that helps pedestrians see the truck’s presence and warns them of the danger. While it’s not Forklift Tricolor Rear Light a substitute for safe operating practices by both operators and pedestrians, it can supplement them at job sites with unique safety challenges.

The light comes with a rubber mount with angle adjust that’s designed to fit on seatposts and frames. It’s also water- and dust-resistant. Its large body and positioning, however, put it directly in the line of mud and spray from the back wheel during bottom-outs. That’s why we recommend that you perform a daily inspection to make sure the lights are still working correctly.

Red Side Pedestrian Light

Forklift accidents are not only dangerous for the operator but also for pedestrians in close proximity. 40% of all lift truck accidents involve a pedestrian so the right safety equipment is vital to reduce these kinds of incidents. The Red Zone LED Warning Light helps reduce these accidents by projecting a bright, crisp 180deg arc pattern beam on either side of the vehicle showing a visual perimeter or “cushion of safety” around the forklift that pedestrians must stay out of. The red warning light is adjustable and can be set to the desired NO GO ZONE distance or HALO zone that works best for your company. These forklift safety lights mount easily with a tool-free bracket to the forklift overhead guard and can be wired into the vehicle power so they turn on and off automatically with the vehicle ignition. They are shock-resistant with a rugged aluminum housing and 1 year limited warranty.

The above three forklift safety lights are some of the most common accessories that help enhance safe operation in different environments. Other options for this kind of equipment include strobe lights and blue pedestrian spotlights but each company must weigh the benefits and risks against its own operating conditions to determine what is the right choice for them. The most important thing to remember is that these lights should be left on when the forklift is running or in reverse and turned off when the forklift is stopped or turning.

Strobe Light

There are many forklift safety lights available that can help improve operations in a variety of environments. Three of the most common are blue pedestrian spotlights, red side pedestrian lights and strobe lights. While they are not required by OSHA, these forklift accessories can be useful in supporting good safety practices in some operations.

Blue pedestrian spotlights are a type of warning light that is mounted on the overhead guard of the forklift. These lights are aimed down on the ground in front of or behind the forklift depending on the application and help alert pedestrians to its presence. They are a useful option in environments where there may be a lot of blind intersections.

These lights can also be used in conjunction with the Red Zone Light to create a 3 sided NO GO area around any vehicle. This helps prevent foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing or turning lift truck.

The Strobe Light intermittently flashes and is designed to help alert pedestrians to the forklift’s presence in an environment where visibility might be limited. These lights are available in various colors including blue, red and amber. They can also be configured to be key-activated or travel direction-activated depending on the needs of the environment.

The LED Hideaway strobe light is a mini-warning light that is perfect for forklifts, construction vehicles, small utility vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. This light has 22 built-in flash patterns and is easy to install. It also turns off automatically when the forklift key is turned off to reduce amp draw on the battery.

Tail/Brake Light

A tail or brake light is used to indicate that the forklift is in use and can help reduce accidents by making the vehicle more visible from the rear. It can also be useful in environments with heavy traffic of both vehicles and pedestrians by letting people know when the forklift is slowing down or stopping suddenly. While not required by OSHA, a blue pedestrian spotlight or tractor light manufacturers red side pedestrian lights can improve safety in some environments by serving as an approach or warning light.

There are many types of optional forklift safety lights that can be installed to increase safety in a variety of workplaces. The type of lights that are necessary for a specific use or operation will vary, and operators should always perform a daily check to make sure any installed lights are functioning correctly.