Gel Battery Suppliers

gel battery suppliers

The gel battery market is characterized by several major players, most of whom adopt a combination of investment and product launch strategies. Leading players in the market include Exide Technologies, BSB Power Company Limited, Exponential Power, Canbat Technologies, Inc., B.B. Battery, Vision Group, JYC Battery Manufacturer Co. Ltd. and others. Manufacturers of gel batteries depend on chemical suppliers for raw materials, which is where bargaining power can play a huge role in grabbing high profit.

Microtex is a tubular gel battery supplier

If you are in need of a new battery for a vehicle, Microtex is one of the leading tubular gel battery suppliers. Microtex uses high-grade imported fumed silica for its tubular gel battery production. This material is highly resistant to water loss, which is a major concern for flooded batteries and AGM VRLA batteries. Its sealed maintenance-free design and ability to withstand deep cycling make it a desirable choice for commercial and industrial vehicles.

The company’s in-house lab facilities are designed to provide maximum performance, while experienced European consultants offer guidance and support. They ensure that each process and design meets the company’s high standards. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched, and they constantly research and develop new technologies. These innovations help them provide customers with the very best products on the market. For many years, Microtex has been a leading tubular gel battery supplier.

The most significant advantage of a GEL battery over a standard flooded lead-acid battery is their cost. While Tgel batteries are higher than their standard counterparts, their value-for-money is often more important than initial capital outlay. The TCO of a Tgel battery is the cost of ownership. The high charging efficiency of Tgel batteries makes them an ideal choice for remote and off-grid applications.

The initial cost of a tubular gel battery is higher than those of a standard flooded or AGM battery, but the return on investment can make this purchase a wise one. These batteries are resistant to vibration and do not release explosive gases. They also recover much faster from deep discharges. And they are maintenance-free. That means that you can easily dispose of them after their lifecycle. And with Microtex, you can be sure that you are getting the best solution for your unique needs.

Exide Technologies

The Endurance+PRO GEL VRLA battery from Exide is a new generation of battery that utilizes GEL technology. The company’s GEL technology is a proprietary innovation that allows it to deliver impressive energy throughput over the lifetime of the battery. This new technology is maintenance free, robust against deep discharge, and reliable starting. The company is actively researching and developing new technology to provide the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

The company recently announced that it has signed a two-year contract with BMW, which will see it supply original equipment batteries and maintenance-free gel motorcycle batteries. By the end of 2003, it expects that 80 percent of BMW motorcycles will use a product made by Exide. Exide manufactures its batteries in Castanheira, Portugal, and ships them to BMW’s operation in Berlin, Germany.

Exide is also a supplier of lead-acid and gel batteries. The Sonnenschein A600 gel battery has been used in large-scale network power applications and is maintenance free. The tube-plate design allows for long service life and protection against deep discharge, while also being recyclable. Exide gel batteries are available in many colors and brands, including green, ion-safe, and lithium-ion.

The company has an extensive history in the field of energy storage solutions. Its headquarters are near Paris, and the company designs and manufactures next-generation batteries for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Its LiFTFORCE LPX battery can be charged in 15 minutes, eight times faster than a lead acid battery, and is suited for cold-starting applications. It is a perfect choice for large distribution centers, companies that require heavy-duty power, and even remote military locations.


When it comes to choosing your gel battery supplier, there are a few things that you should consider. FirstPower gel battery suppliers provide excellent quality and service to their customers, making them a good choice for your business. Read on to discover the many benefits of using these gel battery suppliers. You’ll be happy you did! Here are the top reasons to buy your gel battery from FirstPower. The company has been in business since 1993, and it is now a trusted name in the industry.

The gel battery is maintenance-free. The gel material in FirstPower gel batteries replaces the hydrogen and oxygen that would be lost in a conventional met cell. This makes it particularly useful for deep cycle applications. FirstPower gel battery suppliers also offer tank formed plates, which provide optimum computerized formation, additional quality control, and enhanced voltage matching. FirstPower gel batteries also feature a premium glass mat separator that prevents gassing while ensuring that the electrolyte remains a high concentration of ions. Finally, they have a low internal resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


If you are looking for reliable Exide Gel Battery suppliers, you have come to the right place. In India, you can find distributors of Exide Gel Batteries in different states, cities, and service areas. Connect2India’s listing of suppliers includes information on various aspects, such as their location, quality, and trade history. If you are not sure which one to choose, here’s a guide to Exide Gel Battery suppliers in India.

The company produces lead acid and lithium-ion batteries for the transportation market, including original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket channels. Exide also provides a wide range of other energy storage solutions, including batteries for lawn and garden, RV, golfcart, and powersports. Exide also provides lithium-ion battery systems for utilities, industrial network power, solar storage, and uninterruptible power supply. Exide has a history of producing and marketing high-quality battery solutions that meet a variety of needs.

In 1918, the Electric Storage Battery Company began advertising Exide batteries in the Horseless Age magazine. The next year, the company created the Willard Service Station in Philadelphia, which operated battery-powered cars. Exide was later used to power radio sets, including aircrafts. Thomas Edison developed the first nickel-iron battery in 1901, and the company began manufacturing these batteries in the 1970s. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June 2013.

A number of reasons make Exide gel batteries a better choice than traditional batteries. For starters, they are maintenance-free, spill-proof, vibration-resistant, and compatible with many sensitive electronic equipment. Gel batteries can be installed in places with limited ventilation, and don’t leak harmful gases. So if you’re looking for a superior battery, look no further than an Exide gel battery supplier. You’ll be glad you did.


For years, the company has been developing and manufacturing advanced 12v 100ah deep cycle gel batteries in India to meet global standards. Microtex is led by internationally renowned scientist Dr Wieland Rusch, who patented the copper stretch metal submarine battery design. With its unique manufacturing techniques, Microtex gel batteries perform comparably to leading international brands. They are produced with specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, pasted plates, grid castings, and injection-moulded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, and PVC separators.

The company’s VRLA batteries are highly maintenance-free and able to withstand deep-cycled usage. The batteries are sealed and valve regulated, incorporating years of experience and expertise into each product. Microtex’s Eternia series delivers long-life performance, with a design life of 20 years. It is also available in insulated steel containers and can handle high-rate discharges. Microtex has a wide variety of different models to suit all your needs.

The company’s innovative manufacturing process and in-house laboratory facilities have enabled the company to continually improve its products and processes. The company also employs experienced European consultants, who ensure that their products meet the highest standards. The company also ensures that their products are designed to meet market requirements and the latest technology. There are numerous benefits to purchasing microtex gel batteries. Its products are reliable, and the company is proud to offer the best quality at the most affordable prices.

The company has been in operation since 1969. With a presence throughout India, Microtex has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. They are a verified Trade India service, which ensures that the company is a reputable name. And Microtex is a leader in developing high-performing Industrial lead acid batteries. So, whether you’re looking for a replacement battery for your electric car, Microtex is sure to have a solution for you.