A deep cycle battery has a deepness of discharge of more than 80%. The battery power can be readied to a really reduced level, although this discharge will not harm the battery as well as shorten its life. Deep cycle battery efficiency characteristics depend on the deep cycle battery wholesale service provider.

One-of-a-kind deep cycle style, thick plate, and also high-density active product, long life in deep cycle applications, good deep-discharge recovery performance, big ability, high details energy, low self-discharge (battery voltage decreases very slowly when kept at heat, reduced battery internal resistance, excellent consistency).

Generally for anything that needs a continuous power supply for extended periods of time.

  • Electric golf cart battery
  • Electric floor cleansing machine battery
  • Electric scissor lift battery
  • Electric mobility device battery
  • Electrical mobility scooter battery
  • Electric forklift battery
  • Mobile home battery
  • Trolling electric motors on boats
  • Navigational tools on a boat (when the major engine is inactive).
  • Renewable Energy Solutions.

Kinds Of Deep Cycle Batteries:

Flooded Lead-Acid Battery:

This is the oldest type of battery still being used. Also referred to as a wet cell, the name comes from the battery, which has a fluid electrolyte made up of water and also sulfuric acid. If you have actually worked with an older vehicle before, you may require to undo the tabs at the top to occasionally add water to the battery. Swamped deep-cycle lead-acid batteries will certainly have water topping up more frequently.

Valve Controlled Lead Acid (VRLA) – Gel and AGM battery:

Gel and AGM batteries are other kinds of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries yet with one major enhancement. They include no free-flowing liquid electrolyte as well as a result do not need the enhancement of water. Nonetheless, they are much more pricey and usually do not last as long as flooded batteries in more requiring applications.