The starter battery has proven itself in millions of cars worldwide. Throughout the years, the classic wet battery has become more powerful, reliable, and versatile due to constant innovation and further developments. 

New battery types are available today that meet the increasing technical requirements of the latest vehicle generation. They include the EFB battery and the AGM battery.

High performance is a characteristic of AGM batteries and EFB batteries. While the battery types of the new generation have different technological approaches, they do share some positive attributes. 

New advancement in technology has made batteries less susceptible to faults. You will not need much maintenance for the modern batteries now. Deep cycle battery manufacturers can deliver you the advanced batteries for your vehicles.

If a conventional wet battery is installed in a vehicle with start-stop technology by mistake – due to an assignment error – or due to incorrect cost awareness, a wide variety of mistakes and problems can arise:

Depending on the driving profile (short distances, stop-and-go,…), a conventional starter battery needs to be replaced within a few months because of the higher cycle load on the engine. 

Choosing the wrong battery can also cause the start-stop system to fail. As a result, when the vehicle is stationary (e.g., stopped at traffic lights), the engine is rarely switched off.

A faulty battery causes various functional failures. This means that particular consumers in the car can hardly be used or can no longer be used. For example, the air conditioning is only running at the lowest level, or the seat heating cannot be activated.

Possible loss of time, waiting for help, delays, and scheduling problems can result from the battery failure. These inconveniences result in customer dissatisfaction with the built-in replacement battery.