Everybody has been buzzing about Lithium-ion Phosphate batteries for the past decade. The media is hyping its safety, charging speed, and incredibly long shelf-life. However, many of us still have no idea whether it is the best solar battery out there?

Lithium-ion Phosphate Battery:

A lithium-ion phosphate battery is a type of rechargeable battery with lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. Lithium phosphate batteries have a high energy density, high specific power, and good fireproofing performance. These batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, railway locomotives, and other industries.

These batteries are considered safer than their counterparts as well. As LiFePO4 cells do not contain any flammable electrolyte, they are much more resistant to overheating than other types of batteries. The only way you could possibly cause this battery to combust is by physically puncturing it with something, which would cause its internal contents to come into contact with oxygen in the air and ignite.

The battery does not lose its charge quickly when it is idle for some time. This means that if you are not using your golf trolley for some days, then you do not need to recharge it again and again as the battery will not lose its charge quickly.

The lithium-ion phosphate battery is also lightweight and compact in size compared to other types of batteries which are heavier and are bulky in size. This makes it convenient for the users who have small electric vehicles. 


Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are an alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries. They are safer and have a high energy density, which means they can store more energy than other lithium-ion batteries.